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Welcome to the National Senior Spelling Bee website!

No bee is scheduled for 2017. We may resume in 2018 if there is enough interest. If you are over 50 years old and want the thrill of competing in the National Senior Spelling Bee, please spread the word to like-minded friends. If we have 30 or more committed to coming, we will likely resume the contest. I am still sending out weekly spelling news and spelling challenges to about 50 people. If you are interested, please contact Scott Firebaugh at (Please copy and paste email address into your email program.)

Jim Sherry Wins 2016 National Senior Spelling Bee

Jim Sherry of Troy, Alabama, correctly spelled bivouacking, which means creating or taking temporary shelter, in the 12th round to win first place in the National Senior Spelling Bee held in Knoxville, Tennessee, July 9, 2016. Jim is no stranger to the winner's circle in adult spelling competitions, having won the National Adult Spelling Bee in 2013, which is held annually in Long Beach, California.

Phyllis Wernes of Minnesota finished second, going out on the word Ghibelline, which is a member of an aristocratic political party in medieval Italy.

Ron Lewis of Missouri City, Texas, finished in third place, missing the word carrack (a sailing ship of the 15th century) in the 11th round.

Kate Karp of Long Beach, California, finished in fourth place, misspelling the word misleared, a Scotttish word for unmannerly.

Bernetta Gresko of Long Beach, California, and Bob Stern of Knoxville, Tennessee, finished in a tie for fifth place.

(L to R) Lauren Matz, pronouncer; Scott Firebaugh, director of NSSB; Jim Sherry (1st); Phyllis Wernes (2nd); Ron Lewis (3rd); Kate Karp (4th).

Jim Sherry
Jim Sherry
Troy, AL
1st Place - 2016