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2014 National Senior Spelling Bee Results
July 12, 2014, Knoxville, Tennessee

Lauren Matz, 55, from Olean, New York, won the 2014 National Senior Spelling Bee, held on July 12, 2014, in Knoxville, Tennessee, by correctly spelling all the words given to her during the oral finals. Some of those words were harmattan, sullage, bobeche, and iridescence. Lauren, who finished second in the 2013 AARP Senior Spelling Bee in Cheyenne, earned a first-place prize of $1,000.

David Millard, from Austin, Texas, finished second, pocketing $500 for his efforts. He had battled Lauren for 12 rounds before missing the word gittin, which means “documents of release from obligation in Jewish law.”

Nancy Millard, David’s wife, also from Austin, finished in third place and earned $300, marking the first time that a husband-
and-wife duo has finished in the top three of this competition. Can you imagine what their breakfast conversation would be like? “Honey, would you pass me a c-r-o-i-s-s-a-n-t?”

Tim Minnich finished in fourth place, which was a $200 prize.

The remaining finalists in the oral rounds were:

    5th (tie) Jim Sherry, Kate Karp
    7th (tie) Mary Ellen Vogt, Phyllis Werness, Mark Smith
   10th (tie) Barney Gallassio, Sharon Reedy, Tony Suschil
   13th (tie) Richard McHugh, Beth Sherrill, Sally Boyington

Hats off to Scott Firebaugh, Tony Johnson and Mike Petrina for making this year's competition happen. Nothing but compliments for the venue, food and how smoothly the bee was run.

The top four finishers: Lauren Matz, David Millard, Nancy Millard, and Tim Minnich

The top four finishers “fighting” over the plaque

Beth Sherrill spells her word during the oral finals

The written test is being given by Mike Petrina

Lauren Matz
Olean, NY
1st Place - 2014

David Millard
David Millard
Austin, TX
2nd Place - 2014